Wednesday, 20 July 2011

perasaan aku terhadap dia

hai , aku mengaku yang aku mmg x pandai meluahkan perasaan aku pada seseorang yang aku suka... even bila nak luahkan pun , aku terpaksa mngtur ayat (skema kan) . but itulah diri aku yang xda pada orang lain. mybe that is my advantage. nway , dalam hdup aku ni aku dah berapa kali skit hati dsebabkan cinta n sayang .
BAHAGIA n KECEWA lumrah orang bercinta n berkasih sayang ...

"Love is begun by time, And time qualifies the spark and fire of it"
i read this before in one of the shakspeare novel.... and until now , i still remember it .

it just that , for the past few days , i just wondering
Is it shes ok there ??
Whether she still needs me ??
Does she still love me ??
Does smeone ady owned her ??

i really3 want to text her
even i cant sleep thinking about ur health
i knw about ur prob...

,but i can feel that like the feeling that she feel towards me has fade away through the text that she reply... mybe shes bored wit me
but i cant blame her if that what she feel...
mybe it because of ME ,  she feels that way...
but if really that happens , i just wanna u to knw that i wish we can be more than friend but is not our decision....... we just planned...
mybe the best way is to  be best friend....

before that , i wannt u to knw that
i really love you.
i miss you so much
i really care about you
and that feelings wont go away....

just promise me that u will tc urself ....

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